A friend asked me, “Hey, what’s all this buzz about Mobile Marketing? Is it about marketing of mobile phones?” Ha ha! Well that was too much of ignorance! But one thing is for sure. This new thing called Mobile Marketing is a buzz. And it’s BIG!!!


Today if you stand at the corner of the street and simply glance around, you will see almost each of the persons bustling around carrying this compact, rectangular device. The Mobile Phone. Some are messaging away to colleagues, some are watching the latest news live, some are busy downloading some cool apps, some are simply listening to music. All in all, people are terrifically hooked on to this wonderful piece of machine.


Mobile phones, more popularly and aptly known as smart phones now a days, gave man the liberty to access anything anywhere. This liberty got all of us in the trap. And owing to this miraculous outcome, it has today become a totally irresistible option for high speed marketers.


Various options like SMS marketing, mobile sites, mobile ads, downloadable apps, are capturing the marketing world steadily, but not at all slowly. The reason is simple. Everything that appears to the prospect on the mobile world has an unimaginably high quotient of influence on his mind.


Today if you miss out on this option of mobile marketing for your brand, you will be missing out on a huge chunk of masses. Mobile marketing is a window for you to reach a massive set of audience, young and old, rich and not so rich, married and not, etc., etc. most of them can be decision makers of the family or for themselves. Mobile marketing is very personalized and is taken seriously by prospects. It’s believed to be a medium to have its own voice and Face. Encashingon these features, is to be always given a high priority for a successful marketing drill.


But one thing is a must! A PLAN. Because Mobile marketing without planning can indeed get you lost somewhere. Every action to be taken has to be gauged against the possible reaction. There is one warning. Just as the action you take has the potential to change the game, the possible reaction too can be gigantic and can change everything, for god or bad. Every word said, every picture posted, every video shared has to be “Planned”, to identify your brand, to make an impact and to sustain the huge competition out there.


Content as always is the KING… and when we say “content”, in this context, it can be anything from a vast canopy of images, graphics, statistical charts, videos, actual text excerpts from books, articles, etc., thus making powerful impact on the mobile audience.


Mobile marketing is instrumental in laying a strong base to showcase a consistent brand image. With appropriate communication with the prospects, you can make a wonderful success story for your brand by creating awareness, identity and positive association.


There are various tools to do mobile marketing. From the most basic SMS marketing to creating compatible mobile sites for smart phones and tabs, to making and enjoying the newly developed crazy apps and getting hooked on.


The results, the response and the ROI can be easily figured out. The history and future of this marketing vehicle is indeed very bright. Only if you go on right now, in the present!



You have to keep a close watch on what your competitors are doing, as being on the mobile market place, which is also a partner in social media marketing SMM), makes your brand and information a little bit vulnerable and open. So knowing what your competitors are up to, what are their next steps in marketing, what are their strategies, needs to be always be on your checklist. Nothing wrong in this…they will be doing the same.


So, try out the entire new world of Mobile Marketing and soon you will be thanking me for pushing you into it…SOON!